Thursday, November 5, 2015

Petros Papadakis no longer USC basketball public address announcer

Petros Papadakis, a former USC football player who  is a radio personality and also a college football analyst for Fox, will no longer work as a public-address announcer for USC men’s basketball games.  

Papadakis, who had been in the role for 11 years, said Wednesday that he had not heard from USC about the coming season so he texted a school official on Tuesday to find out if he was still doing games. Papadakis said the official responded with a text saying no.

A USC athletic department spokesman said Wednesday that a school official had spoken with Papadakis’ representative earlier Tuesday.

The school said in a statement that because of “the many conflicts he had with his broadcasting work” Papadakis had worked three of 17 home games last season.

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