Sunday, February 1, 2015

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High school basketball PA announcers aren't enthusiastic about new restrictions

High school basketball announcers were given new guidelines on what they should and shouldn’t say during games — but some say the rules mean the crowd is less informed about the game.

The National Federation of High School Athletic Associations, in its points of emphasis for basketball in 2014-15, have restricted what comes out of the announcers’ mouths and the IHSAA is following the guidelines.       

The idea is to cut down on excess words while keeping the announcer from being the center of attention or giving the home team a perceived advantage.   read full story

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Phillies PA announcer Dan Baker inducted into All-Sports Museum

The impressive who's who lineup includes Goose Goslin, Richie Kates, Harry Gamble, Lydell Mitchell, Whitey Witt, Pete Rose, Don "Tarzan" Bragg, Chris Widger, Charlie Manuel, Gene Hart and Joe Frazier.

That's pretty good company. 

Now you can add the name of West Deptford's Dan Baker to the list of inductees in the All-Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey, an absolute hidden gem located in Bridgeton.

Popular public address announcer for the Phillies for 43 years, Baker included the All-Sports Museum  to his growing list of hall of fame inductions among a splendid packed house turnout of friends and associates on Monday. He's a rare Gloucester County inductee.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Personal: Mike Cation, Champaign, IL PA Announcer

What sports do you announce and what approach do you take to each one?

I announce soccer, men's basketball, baseball and men's and women's tennis. I don't know that I approach them much differently, to be honest. The only difference from basketball to the others is the number of people who are hearing you. The student-athletes involved put forth the same effort, and I think it's my duty to do the same.  

I do my homework beforehand in terms of printing out my version of their roster, with pronunciations. I show up 60 to 90 minutes before the event begins, and I try to remember that I'm representing the UI. I hope that people hearing me think I do a job that is energetic, professional and enjoyable. I love being a part of Illinois athletics, and I think it is an honor to be associated with these programs.

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Lasalle-Peru Basketball announcer Cameron Robbins doing his thing!

Hi,  first I would like to introduce myself, my name is Cameron Robbins, and I'm also a public address announcer in the Midwest (Illinois) since 1987, I have been named by the ref's in college and the IHSA as " The Best in the Midwest." Recently a fan put a short video of me announcing on YouTube. I do appreciate the fact that you set the site up for us announcers, it's really a nice and informative site. Thank you!

                                 Cameron Robbins - PA Announcer

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blazers PA announcer will never forget the night he handed the mic to Damian Lillard

PORTLAND - Few things are subtle when Mark Mason walks into a room.

The 6-foot-9 frame of the Blazers public address announcer stands out even in a place where people are tall for a living. As he sits down to eat less than two hours before his starting introductions for a preseason game, the jovial Mason's legendary voice reverberates off the press room walls.

Mark Mason wants to stand out - just not too much.

"I'm just the tour guide of the event," he said.

That is how Mason has characterized his role since he became the team's public address announcer in 1996. The KEX disc jockey won the audition to replace Mike Stone, who had held the position for six years.

Mason was brought in to provide energy to the public address calls beyond the traditional monotone announcements. He was hired on a year-to-year basis but told The Oregonian he was not worried about a lack of job security in an interview that year.

Eighteen years later, Mason has become the most recognizable voice echoing around the arena for an entire generation of Blazers fans.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Inside the game: Meet the PA announcer for the CFP championship

Call from above
The championship matchup of Oregon and Ohio State is the first set up by the College Football Playoff, but Monday’s game won’t feel like a new experience for the voice booming throughout AT&T Stadium.
John Magrino, the announcer from Orlando, Fla., who was chosen for the game by the CFP organizers, announced BCS national title games in 2013 (Alabama-Notre Dame) and 2009 (Florida-Oklahoma). He has also been the P.A. announcer for the Orange Bowl since 2007.
Magrino, 45, is an administrative dean at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando with a wife and three kids. The Florida graduate has been the announcer for Tampa Bay Buccaneers games since 1998 and has also worked occasional pro basketball, baseball and hockey games. He is also the stadium voice for the Florida High School Athletic Association’s state championship games in football and basketball.
Video-game fans might also recognize Magrino’s voice. He is a featured announcer on Madden ’12, Madden ’13 and Madden NFL 25.

Face behind the Voice: The Seattle Seahawks PA announcer - Randy Rowland

SEATTLE - On most Sunday's you'll find Pastor Randy Rowland addressing his congregation in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. But, during the fall, he also spends a few Sundays speaking to a much larger group of followers.

When he's not serving a higher calling, Randy can be found high above Century Link Field as the official public address announcer for the Seahawks. It's a job he's had since being asked to fill in back when the Hawks played at the Kingdome.  

Rowland said, "They said, 'oh, our PA quit and moved to Baltimore with the new ravens and he's working for the government making films can you step in as an interim and we'll grab somebody?' So I stepped in as the interim and I think 24 years later they've taken the interim title off."

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

South Bend Cubs are asking the public to vote on a new PA announcer

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- The South Bend Cubs need your help picking the next voice of Four Winds Field.
The cubs have received hundreds of applications for the next announcer, and they've chosen 11 semi-finalists.   
You can watch each of the auditions on You Tube, and give them the "thumbs up" to vote.
Three finalists will be given a final audition on January 22.
The team will announce the winner in February 

ORIGINAL ONLINE JOB POSTING: South Bend Cubs looking for new announcer

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jeff Shreve is the man behind the stadium voice

For 14 seasons, the 49-year-old Lake Township resident has been the “stadium voice” of the Cleveland Browns. “I get to do NFL games for my favorite team, and that's special,” the public address announcer said.

Jeff Shreve has one of the coolest — albeit loudest — seats in FirstEnergy Stadium for watching a Cleveland Browns game.
His view overlooks the field, in a closet-size corner of the scoreboard operations, down the hallway from the press boxes. 
The 49-year-old Lake Township resident shares his view with a spotter and music operator. If you have been to a game, you probably have heard his voice.
It goes like this: “Ladies and gentlemen, your Cleveland Browns,” in a rich, deep and made-for-radio octave from behind a microphone.
For 14 seasons, Shreve has been the “stadium voice” of the Browns. “I get to do NFL games for my favorite team, and that’s special,” the public address announcer said.

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