Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Step right up for Illini P.A. job

Do strangers come up to you on the street and say “Wow, you really, sound like Gene Honda”?

Do you want to spend quality time with Loren Tate and Brian Barnhart?

Do you enjoy free popcorn and Sprite?     

Well, Illinois has got a job for you.

The school is asking wannabe public-address announcers to submit clips to Brad Wurthman, an associate athletic director for marketing and fan development.

The best of the bunch will have a chance to work an event during the upcoming sports season.

The school has oodles of sports to manage. Honda can’t do every event, so Illinois is looking to increase its PA talent pool.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Broncos PA Announcer Returns to Baseball Roots in Toronto

As the Denver Broncos enjoy the NFL offseason, team public-address announcer Alan Roach is spending the summer north of the border, lending his veteran voice to Pan Am Ballpark in Ajax, ON. Roach will announce both the seven-team men’s baseball tournament and the inaugural five-team women’s baseball tournament, a multisport-games first. 

SVG caught up with Roach to discuss his return to baseball (he announced Colorado Rockies games from 1993 through 2006), catching up with familiar faces in Toronto, and the joys of being a part of “a purer form” of sports.   

You’re the voice of an NFL franchise. How did this particular gig come about? 

"When the Rockies came to Colorado in 1993, I was their PA announcer. Starting on Day 1, I did the Rockies for 14 years. I left right before the 2007 season — and the 2007 Rockies went to the World Series. So it was me holding them back for 14 years (laughs). I had that baseball background, and I fill in every now and then when the guy who took the job after I left is sick or something. In fact, I did a game just a couple of weeks ago, so I have plenty of baseball in my background. I [also] announce a lot at the Olympics. It was because of my affiliation with the Olympics that they called me and asked if I was interested in doing this."

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Toledo Rockets Seeking In-Game MC for Football and Basketball, PA Announcer for Volleyball

TOLEDO, OH – The University of Toledo is seeking qualified applicants for the position of in-game MC at Rocket football and basketball games, as well as a public address announcer for Rocket Volleyball.

Applicants should submit a resume and a digital file of the applicant reading the sample PA script no later than Thursday, July 23,. Finalists will be contacted for live auditions in Savage Arena on Aug. 3-4. The positions will be filled by Aug. 6. Applicants must be able to commit to attending home events, arriving no later than 90 minutes before game time to attend pre-game meetings.   

Applicants should submit a digital file of themselves reading the starting lineup to a UT volleyball game and a the promotion read (click link below). Applicants may submit their application and digital files to Heather                                                                                         Lutz at

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Missoula Osprey public address announcer enjoys his perch

Listening to Tom Schultz expound on his excitement for opening night, you'd swear he was slated to take the mound himself.

His job won't be quite so daunting on opening night, when the Missoula Osprey make their home debut against the Helena Brewers at Ogren-Allegiance Park. 

Still, Schultz feels obligated to the fans and teams to deliver his best in his third season as public address announcer.

"We finally get our first look at these players, and it's exciting," he said Tuesday from his perch in the press box. As a longtime radio broadcaster who has been known to do Montana men's and women's basketball games on occasion, Schultz is serious about his craft. He even has his own warm-up regimen.

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PA Announcer provides multiple services for UNA

UNA fans know his voice but may not know his name.

Most sports fans take the public address announcer for granted, but Lion fans can thank the man behind the microphone for never having to wonder who made the last tackle, who hit the game-tying three-pointer, or who served the ace that gave one lucky fan a free T-shirt.  

PA announcer Jerome Gafford, announces UNA football, basketball and volleyball games, and has for the past six years. But announcing games is not the only service Gafford provides at UNA.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boxing announcer Mark Biero making comeback after sight restored

TAMPA — First, Mark Beiro lost his sight.

He could see when he went to bed July 11, 2003, in a hotel room 2,700 miles from home. But when he opened his eyes in the morning, all was a blur.

Soon after, he lost his career, too.   

Beiro was one of the best known boxing announcers on cable television through his work on USA Network and ESPN2.

He was even better known in Tampa, where he was public address announcer for jai alai games that drew thousands of fans a week and ring announcer for most major boxing events in the city.

He lived without sight for nearly a decade. Then he was able to arrange a surgical procedure in 2012 and his sight was restored.

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Phillies PA Announcer Dan Baker will appear at Riversharks game Aug. 14

CAMDEN- Philadelphia Phillies Public Address Announcer Dan Baker will appear at Campbell’s Field for the Riversharks Friday, Aug. 14 game at 7:05 p.m., where he will be the guest public address announcer throughout the game.      

The Philadelphia Phillies PA Announcer for the past 43 years will lend his vocals to the Riversharks for the entire game for the first time ever during this special event. Baker will lead the on-field pregame show, announce the starting lineups and first pitches, and then announce the game once it begins.

Baker will also participate in an exclusive meet-and-greet prior to the game from 5:30-6:00pm in our Diamond CafĂ©. Fans will have the opportunity to take one (1) picture with Baker or have one (1) piece of memorabilia autographed. Baker will also have his World Series Rings on display during the meet-and-greet.  

Middlebury College Athletics Mourns Loss of Dave Sears

Middlebury College Athletics mourns the loss of long-time friend and public address announcer Dave Sears. Known for his one-of-a-kind voice and witty personality, Dave was a friendly and outgoing presence at countless men’s hockey, field hockey and women’s lacrosse games. Our deepest condolences and thoughts go out to his family and friends during this time. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Warriors PA announcer Hurwitz prefers to be heard, not seen

On Thursday, with the Phoenix Suns in town, Matthew Hurwitz will call his 616th game as the Warriors’ public-address announcer. If you’re not terribly familiar with him, good — that’s just how he likes it.

The NBA is full of screamers at the PA mike, barging into the on-court action with “Dee-fense!” or other appalling exhortations. Raging along unchecked, they can’t stay out of their own way. Hurwitz, 44, prefers a classier route.  

“My most important rule is not to draw attention to myself,” said Hurwitz, not to be confused with Franco Finn, the cheerleader type who pumps up the crowd before games. “People aren’t paying to see or hear me. I’ve never even said my name, as in 'Good evening, I’m …’ I just don’t feel comfortable being some sort of personality. And I never try to tell the crowd how to react. Our crowds our smart; they get that.”

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Illini need a new P.A. announcer

The Illinois men's basketball public address announcer the last eight seasons is stepping down. 

Mike Cation posted a Facebook message on Wednesday morning announcing his decision. He said he'll continue to pursue professional tennis broadcasting opportunities that have arisen the last two years.

"I'm thrilled that the job continues to grow," Cation wrote. "But this season, however, there were multiple times that I had to make a choice between my "full time" job, and basketball games.