Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet Fort Myers' new voice of the Red Sox - Ted Fitzgeorge

There are a lot of new things involved in this year's Red Sox spring training season - including a new voice that will announce the team's lineup.
NBC2, the Boston Red Sox and Hodges University teamed up to find the first voice for the new JetBlue Park. Friday, we sat down with the winner of the contest to see how he's holding up as he gets ready for his debut.
At January's open tryout for the gig, Ted Fitzgeorge had to wait 5 hours for his 5 minute audition.
As it turned out, it was worth the wait. Just days later, he found out he'd advance to the next round.
"Someone had posted on my Facebook page that I had made the top 10. So I waited for the 11 o'clock news that night to see where I could find it. I went to the NBC2 website or page on Facebook and saw the list of the names. And of course the first thing I wanted to know was who else was on the list," Fitzgeorge said.  read the full story here

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