Saturday, February 25, 2012

That familiar voice: Kelly Burnham aka Alan Roach

He's welcomed Tom Petty, the Black Eyed Peas, Prince and Bruce Springsteen to the Super Bowl stage.
Not only has Kelly Burnham, a Slayton native, worked for a Denver radio station for the last two decades, he's had the opportunity for many sideline gigs, which included the Winter Olympics, the NFL Super Bowl and Pro Bowl as well as being the stadium announcer for the Colorado Rockies for 13 years.
Burnham, whose professional name is Alan Roach, moved from Slayton to Brainerd in 1980 and attended high school in Brainerd.  read the full story here

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JPPT1974 said...

Alan kind of looks like Liev Schreiber of the X-Men movies and Ray Donovan! Great voice as well.