Friday, July 29, 2011

Public address announcers hopefuls bring personal flair to tryouts for University of Northern Colorado

Even Arnie Guin couldn’t believe he said it as the words came tumbling off his tongue.

“And that was a 45-yard touchdown run from Thomas Aquinas,” echoed the voice of Guin through an empty Nottingham Field on Thursday.

Yes, the same St. Thomas Aquinas that was a renowned theologian and philosopher in the 13th century. It just happened to be the first name that popped into Guin’s mind as he participated in an open tryout to be the next voice of the University of Northern Colorado Bears.

UNC held the open tryouts Thursday for a public address announcer at UNC sporting events this season. Although only three participants showed up for the tryouts, they exuded tons of energy and enthusiasm as they tried out for the job by reading a prepared script by the UNC marketing department and then getting a chance to do their own little ad-lib at the end to show off their own unique style. read the full story from Matt Schuman of the Greeley Tribune

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