Monday, January 12, 2015

Inside the game: Meet the PA announcer for the CFP championship

Call from above
The championship matchup of Oregon and Ohio State is the first set up by the College Football Playoff, but Monday’s game won’t feel like a new experience for the voice booming throughout AT&T Stadium.
John Magrino, the announcer from Orlando, Fla., who was chosen for the game by the CFP organizers, announced BCS national title games in 2013 (Alabama-Notre Dame) and 2009 (Florida-Oklahoma). He has also been the P.A. announcer for the Orange Bowl since 2007.
Magrino, 45, is an administrative dean at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando with a wife and three kids. The Florida graduate has been the announcer for Tampa Bay Buccaneers games since 1998 and has also worked occasional pro basketball, baseball and hockey games. He is also the stadium voice for the Florida High School Athletic Association’s state championship games in football and basketball.
Video-game fans might also recognize Magrino’s voice. He is a featured announcer on Madden ’12, Madden ’13 and Madden NFL 25.

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