Thursday, December 10, 2015

Adam Abrams: The man behind the microphone

If you have been to a Wild or Twins game in the last decade or you listen to 107.9 FM, you have probably heard a familiar voice. That familiar voice is Adam Abrams, longtime radio broadcaster, professional voice artist and public address announcer. So you know his voice and now you know his name, but just who is this man behind the microphone? 

Although difficult to believe, this Edina, Minn., native is a self-proclaimed introvert. “Most people assume that I am a really loud and boisterous person, but in my everyday life I am much more of an introvert than an extrovert,” he said.

Not exactly what you would expect from someone who makes a living by talking. “Of course announcing and broadcasting are live, but in those situations I am in a room by myself and can really be whoever I want to be. There are no eyes watching me and I am standing up in front of thousands of people. It is all about being heard.”

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Cereal Monster said...

Great read for me. I'm also introverted but am most comfortable on a microphone in front of a crowd. It's hard to explain when people ask but it's just where I draw energy from. This article serves as further inspiration. Thanks!