Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oakland Raiders' public address announcer Gary Williams helps advance profession with clinic

By Carl Steward
Oakland Tribune

Sports public address announcers get a whole lot more grief than gratitude, with the prevailing notion being, "Hey, any monkey could do that job."
I've been to enough sporting events to know that too many monkeys have been turned loose on an open mic in the press box. Give an unprepared amateur a microphone and you're liable to hear anything. I've heard the screamers, the mumblers, the cornball comedians and, worst of all, the careless dispensers of wholesale incorrect information.
Even the best in the P.A. booth are prone to gaffes. Gary Williams, the fine veteran voice who does the stadium announcing for the Raiders, recalled a job he had doing a bowl game at AT&T Park in which his press box position was situated at a very poor viewing angle.
"I can't see a thing!" said Williams as he peered out the window, not realizing the press box mic was on and his complaint was being heard by thousands of fans in the stands. read the full story

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