Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PA Announcer Calls Student "Hitler"

Papillion South halfback Chance Adolf is a key component of the Titan's Class A football playoff hopes. But he was the target of an unfortunate slip by the Westside public address announcer Friday night. The PA announcer referred to the Sophomore, as Hitler. The comment was made over the loudspeaker system.

"People were offended...by the comment that was made and concerned that a comment would be made in today's day and age," said Annette Eyeman of Papillion-LaVista Schools.

"He really feels horrible about this situation. Immediately when he realized what he had said he went on the PA system to apologize. The father of the student-athlete came up to the press box a little later and he profusely apologized to this parent," Peggy Rupprecht of Westside Community Schools said. read the rest of Roger Hamer's story here

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