Monday, April 16, 2012

USC fires football PA Announcer - no explanation -auditions held last Saturday

On job 22 years...

There doesn’t seem to be an explanation, not an adequate one anyway.
Four broadcasters — whose names were not made available — showed up to the Coliseum on a surprisingly blustery Saturday afternoon to audition for USC’s public address announcer opening. Over the four periods during the annual spring game, the quartet rotated, each sitting behind the microphone for one quarter.
But nobody knows exactly how the position became vacant to begin with.
Dennis Packer, a retired police detective since 2008, has served as the school’s PA announcer for 22 years, his voice booming throughout the 88-year-old stadium, introducing the Trojan Marching Band and signaling touchdown after touchdown.
But earlier this month, USC issued a press release on its website, stating that Saturday’s auditions were part of an “ongoing effort to update the football game day experience.”
I have no idea what that means either.  

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