Friday, July 17, 2015

Broncos PA Announcer Returns to Baseball Roots in Toronto

As the Denver Broncos enjoy the NFL offseason, team public-address announcer Alan Roach is spending the summer north of the border, lending his veteran voice to Pan Am Ballpark in Ajax, ON. Roach will announce both the seven-team men’s baseball tournament and the inaugural five-team women’s baseball tournament, a multisport-games first. 

SVG caught up with Roach to discuss his return to baseball (he announced Colorado Rockies games from 1993 through 2006), catching up with familiar faces in Toronto, and the joys of being a part of “a purer form” of sports.   

You’re the voice of an NFL franchise. How did this particular gig come about? 

"When the Rockies came to Colorado in 1993, I was their PA announcer. Starting on Day 1, I did the Rockies for 14 years. I left right before the 2007 season — and the 2007 Rockies went to the World Series. So it was me holding them back for 14 years (laughs). I had that baseball background, and I fill in every now and then when the guy who took the job after I left is sick or something. In fact, I did a game just a couple of weeks ago, so I have plenty of baseball in my background. I [also] announce a lot at the Olympics. It was because of my affiliation with the Olympics that they called me and asked if I was interested in doing this."

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