Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will Kauffman, public address announcer for Waynesboro Indians football

Waynesboro, Pa. —
Will Kauffman has been the public address announcer for Waynesboro Indians football games for well over a decade, having replaced longtime teacher and PA announcer Louis W. “Bill” Kohler, who performed the duties for more than 30 years.

I just try to be clear, concise and timely in announcing the results of plays and we always hope that we’re accurate in identifying the players making the plays. That’s not a perfect science, so once in a while, we have a grandmother caterwauling at us that her grandson made that tackle, not the guy we announced. If the opportunity presents itself to have fun with the game or any other aspect of Friday night at the stadium, we’re not averse to taking advantage of that. We’ll even take shots at visiting personalities we know well. Greencastle-Antrim superintendent Greg Hoover now comes in disguise, knowing he’s fair game at any Waynesboro venue when I’m announcing.


Jody Porter said...

Love it! Mr. Kauffman kind of sounds like he approaches it the same way I do: Fun. We'll play games. I'll tell the spotter that no matter what happens on the next play, I'm going to announce it in a way that has probably never been done before. That can have some interesting, and entertaining, results! At times I feel like I have too much fun, and have to remind myself that I'm there for the kids, not for my entertainment! This season, I've started announcing the student managers for both home and visiting teams. I think they, and they're families, are enjoying that. BTW, I just stumbled upon this blog tonight, and love it! I'll be visiting here quite regularly.

Kevin Kelleher said...

Jody, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!