Thursday, April 11, 2013

Q&A: Columbus Clippers PA announcer Matt Leininger

Sports have always played a big role in Matt Leininger’s life. He grew up playing baseball and football, and even started for Urban Meyer at Bowling Green University. Now Leininger announces games instead of playing in them.
After winning a contest while at Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2011, Leininger was awarded a guest spot as the PA announcer for the Columbus Clippers. That one shot turned into a full-time gig almost immediately. If you’ve been to Huntington Park, you know Leininger’s raspy, deep voice. Here’s a bit about the man behind it.

I was going to the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, and we had a contest: Who could read the starting lineup for the Blue Jackets best. The award for winning the contest was doing the PA announcing for the last Clippers preseason game in 2011.That was my first game.  read the entire Q&A here

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