Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bob Lobel: My Red Sox Dream Job

Maybe you have an answer to this question. I have been given the honor of being one of three Public Address announcers to do the games at Fenway Park this year.. Dick Flavin, long time political satire guy , author and poet is one. Henry Mahegan, Charleston teacher and coach, is another and I am the third.

My days for the booth are Saturdays and maybe some summer nights.. The pay is very little but it does come with a parking space. Here is what I can't figure out: Why is this more exciting to me than what I did for over 25 years, ie. sitting behind a desk doing sports in local newscasts? I'm not finished with the unanswerable questions. Why do other folks feel the same way? Is it because it's the Red Sox? Is it because it's Fenway Park? The closest I can come is that it is some tucked away fantasy most of us had at one time to do that kind of public announcing at sports venue.  read full article here

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