Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Angels announcer Michael Araujo living a dream

ANAHEIM – Before Tuesday night's home opener, the new, not-yet-familiar voice of Angel Stadium introduced the starters, the reserves, the coaches, trainers and equipment managers, first for the visiting Oakland Athletics, then for the Angels.
But Michael Araujo didn't introduce himself.
It's not his style, which is why we'll do it for the Angel Stadium public address announcer.
First, we need a little help with pronunciation for his last name. So he told me a joke he has been using since elementary school: "What do you call an uncooked garden tool?"
The answer: a-RAW-hoe.
Araujo knows he is supposed to be heard but not seen, his voice distinctive but not distracting and his words informative but not intrusive.
"There's a balance because you never want to do too much," said Araujo, 41, who announced his second career Angels' regular-season game Wednesday night.
"I learned the balance from years of going to games at Angel Stadium and listening to someone who did it perfectly."
Araujo takes over the announcing job after the passing of 19-year stadium voice David Courtney, who died of a pulmonary embolism in November at the age of 56.

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