Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Larry Lucchino, Red Sox Invite Fans to Become Fenway Park Public Announcer for a Day (Video)

Have you ever imagined yourself in front of the microphone, staring across Fenway Park from the press box, while your voice booms out to 37,000 fans? Well, you don't need to be homeless, but if you have a golden voice and a little experience with a mic, you could be the Red Sox public address announcer for a day. "We do like somebody who brings a little personality to it as well," Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino said of the position. "That's an important part of it."

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Dennis Packer said...

In 1993, while on vacation with my family, CA Angels PR Tim Mead arranged tickets for me and my family to attend the Red Sox v Angels game. I was invited to the press box and introduced to the late great Sherm Feller who let me announce the first three innings. My wife, who was seated adjacent to the Red Sox wives, heard them say it was the first game they ever attended at Fenway and could understand their husband's names. The Red Sox GM then asked me if I wanted to move to Boston to announce the Red Sox.