Monday, February 11, 2013

PA Announcer for Montini Catholic High School brings enthusiasm to the stadium

LOMBARD, IL — Simon Steiner is the public address (PA) announcer for girl’s basketball games and boy’s wrestling meets at Montini Catholic High School.

Steiner began announcing at Montini when he was a student. He was the announcer for baseball all four years. He also announced for the sophomore boy’s basketball games and eventually the varsity boy’s basketball games.

“I enjoy it,” Steiner said. “I’m not shy. Actually, when I was in high school I was very shy. But I just decided one day, it was almost a conscience, instantaneous change, I just decided to flip a switch in my personality.”

When Steiner was in high school, Montini did not have a press box for their baseball field. So Steiner improvised.
“I actually would climb the fence, hang some speakers on the fence and set up a little table,” Steiner said. “It was quite comfortable in the early part of the season, about the third week of March… being sarcastic of course.”
Though he may not have to assemble his own press box anymore, Steiner puts a lot of effort into making sure his work is entertaining and professional. He performs the “job of about three different people.”    read full story here

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