Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PA Announcer Howard Truitt shares his Fenway experience with The PA Blog

Recently I had the pleasure of wishing Howard Truitt, a PA Guy from Southern California, good luck, as he headed to Boston for his audition to be the next "Voice Of Fenway".  I volunteered one piece of advice, "Be Yourself", and told him to 'break a leg'...Here then, is Howard's story of his audition experience, and we thank him for allowing The Blog to share it with our readers and fellow PA Announcers:


Thanks for your reply. I followed your advice. I also adhered to yours and one other Astros PA guidelines. I believe either you are what they need or not. I heard some yucking it up and thought no DJ's today guy's.

A 6000 mile round trip for 90 secs was still worth it. My darling wife is the support I needed to make it happen in such short notice.

First they couldn't find me on the appointment schedule so I became #350. I asked the security person a few pronunciations and he was patient and quite helpful. In fact he heard me error when practicing and belted out the right pronunciation again from 25 feet.

Then the reception person recognized my name about 15 mins later. Just misspelled with a P not a T. Instantly I became # 222..last in the elevator and then first out and in line to audition. The lady keeping us in line said relax "everyone is nervous" .

Unfortunately ,I stopped/ paused in the middle of Beth Israel... Medical Center as that continued on the next line. A tad nervous , I quickened my pace as I read the line up...Probably would do that slower next time. I recovered as I asked all to stand and stretch as the organist plays "Take me out to the Ballgame." I turned and Thanked the person standing to my left for the opportunity.

The control room window was open, it was breezy and 22 degrees outside so you had to hold your script. No brief interviews took place afterwards as stated. The same lady told us hand her any information you wish to leave with us.

So down stairs and out for a cab and off to the airport. I found it strange they wouldn't dispatch a cab to gate D at Fenway. I had to hang up and call back with the building # of Fenway on Yawkee. I figured everyone in Boston's Cab business would be ok with Fenway Gate D..NOT ! A young man went by me on the street and said something like it's cool. I said Yes it is! He said, No I mean the audition. Oh Yea I said, sure was !

I will say the people of Boston made up for the cold temperatures with their genuine warmth and politeness. You could say hello passing someone on the street and be greeted in return equally as sincere. Manners still do exist.

In Closing ,I have sent another demo to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim last week. Unfortunately they lost their PA announcer in November. At least it's only 30 miles from my home....phew...ww !

Thanks Kevin for your kind words . I used them as a reminder to myself as I approached that microphone with the Red Button in Fenway Park 

Take Care,
Have a great season !

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