Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mallards PA announcer Guy Perry wrapping up 18th year

Guy Perry is wrapping up his 18 year career as the public address announcer for the Mallards.
“As soon as I got started in it I said you know what I want to do this until I die or until I can’t,” said Perry.  “The appeal today is that number one I love the game and I would love to see this level, I love to see the guys that are trying to get better and go into better opportunities. I really like the fans here they are very responsive.”
Perry said that through the years he has acknowledged his obligation to educate people on the game. He has enjoyed revving up the crowd and loves the natural enthusiasm of the fans.
A word of caution from Perry to future announcers is to keep in mind that it’s a lot of work.  read article watch video

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