Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fifteen-year-old Cade Colbeth brings youthful voice to public address announcing

Public address announcers are the voice of a school district as they inform and entertain the crowd at home sporting events.

In most cases, this responsibility is given to an adult well-versed in sports and frequently, that person holds the position for decades. First-year Somerset Athletic Director John Walsh took a different approach when looking for a PA announcer this year. He decided to give a student an opportunity to do the announcing. Based on recommendations from English and choir teachers, 15-year-old sophomore Cade Colbeth was approached as the top candidate for the position.

Colbeth has quickly developed into a poised announcer, though he admits being quite nervous in his first few outings. Once he was given the role, Colbeth served as the PA announcer for the final 21 Somerset varsity sports events for the winter season.


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