Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So you wanna be a PA Announcer?


It really is. Here’s my day today, as the hired announcer for the hockey team I announced today.

Make sure officials are taken care of with water/sports drink and towels.

Talk with both coaches about line-up cards and protocols

Set-up my stuff to announce and do music

Try to figure out rink’s internet connection and why we can’t broadcast the video

Go over with home coach and owner in regards to what they need to have for the teams

Talk with referee so we don’t get hit with a fine, or written up for several things missing, like locker rooms

Put nets on the ice

Make sure the rink turns the lights back to full power so we can...see

Make sure home coach understands proper way to fill out line-up card

Inform coach his line-up card is wrong

Do a moment of silence (by the way, this moment was not short and sweet, it was for a former player and coach of this organization who was a friend of mine and died a week ago last Thursday at the age of 27. I read about a 60 second bit I wrote, added a little more to it, had an 8-second moment then did the anthem)

Run scoreboard and keep official scoresheet

Call 911 when kid gets hurt, deal with 911 dispatcher who had no freaking clue

Announce game, play music

Give referee cheat sheet on the fighting majors so he can put it into required post-game report

Amend post-game report to include the injury with proper terminology

Sign post-game report

Oh yeah, the game had a bunch of penalties, a lot of offsetting penalties which meant I had to make sure the players knew when to exit the box.

Crap, I do a lot for hockey.

Jarrod Wronski,


(703) 398-5343


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