Saturday, December 11, 2010

Join the PA Announcer Group on Yahoo!

By Kevin Kelleher, Group Owner

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by the PA Announcer blog today! If you're looking to connect with other PA Announcers, or learn about Public Address Announcing, look no further you've hit the sweet spot!

Our Group, "PA Announcers" on Yahoo, is the de facto one stop for anyone that's presently a PA person or for someone considering a position behind a microphone in a stadium, arena, or simply your local baseball park, football field, hockey rink or gymnasium. Membership now is over 600 PA announcers and within this Group we have PA people that announce their local Little League all the way up to the four major sports in the US, along with many college and university venues. We discuss many different topics including how to get a PA announcer job, where to look for it, and the best way to offer your services to break in and grab a position. Recent discussion threads have included:

Musical Taunting
The Battle Between Music & Cheerleaders
The Coach who will not provide a line-up
How to insure correct pronunciations
Pay rates for PA Announcers-How much should I ask for?
PA Job openings that you won't see in your local 'help-wanted'
Tips on announcing Volleyball, Soccer and Wrestling
If a disturbance, riot, or emergency occurs during a game
State Tournament time, partiality or homerism?
Dealing with parents or school officials
What to do to warm-up or train your voice
The best sore throat remedy, voted on by our member body

...and a lot more interesting and valuable advice on everything PA!

We'd love to have you join our Group even if you've never held a PA Announcer position, it's a great opportunity to interact and discuss everything that you're passionate about, re: Public Address Announcing!

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