Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Calling From Behind The Mic

When No. 15 swishes a 25-footer for the Spurs, it’s hard to tell which is sweeter. The sound of the ball falling through the net or the sound of the call that follows: "Matt Bonner, for THREEEEEEEE!!!"

The call begins low, from the depths of a rumbling baritone, then rises for five, six counts until it explodes across the AT&T Center. Fans on their feet. Screams in the air. Electricity crackling everywhere.The only thing missing is a blast of confetti.

Kevin "Big Kev" Brock turns a routine three-point call into a celebration with enough energy to kick start the Macy’s Day Parade. The call lasts almost long enough for you to leave your seat, grab a hot dog and return to "EEEE!!!" ripping through the air. read the rest of Ken Rodriguez's story from

photo credit: (D. Clarke Evans/Getty Images)

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