Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hockey PA Announcer racks up stories over the years

Not much surprises public address announcer Bobb Vergiels when it comes to hockey in Toledo.
Vergiels has called pro hockey games in Toledo for 19 seasons, and he has developed a flamboyant yet personable style that has created a mutual bond between himself and the fans
Vergiels is in his third season as the announcer for the Walleye at the Huntington Center after calling Storm games at the old and equally unique Sports Arena for 16 seasons.
"I can trot out some stories," Vergiels said. "I once heard someone say that every reporter has a good book in his head -- and that's where it should stay. That's how I feel. The Storm stories just never stop. That was like Slap Shot every night."
The charismatic Vergiels has gathered even more stories over the years in his PA duties for the Detroit Tigers, University of Michigan basketball, and Wayne State University football.
Vergiels has developed many memorable catch phrases at Toledo pro hockey games. He said the game itself has evolved along with the fan base at the Huntington Center.  read the story here

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