Friday, April 13, 2012

Pearl River Little League PA Announcer Begins 54th Year Of Volunteering

George Doonan’s wife doesn’t like the Pearl River Little League boys majors schedule. 

“She gets upset because we have no games on Monday,” he said. 

That’s because it means Doonan is home. But during baseball season, Doonon will be out and at Anderson Field Tuesdays through Saturdays announcing games for the boys majors division of Pearl River Little League. 

Doonan’s wife is joking, of course, when she tells him that she’s glad he’s out of the house during the week and disappointed when he is home Monday nights. But she has certainly had quite a while to get used to the time alone0. 

When the season kicked off last week, it marked Doonan’s 54th as a volunteer for little league. He started in the Bronx as an umpire. read the full story here  click play for short video

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