Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Bears fan lurks inside Packers' PA announcer

They walk among us with impunity. You may know one. You may be one.

They mingle, marry and move here, but their loyalties are elsewhere.

Only on game day do their true colors emerge.

Rooting for a team from another city is as commonplace as spotting someone in a Chicago Cubs cap in Door County. It only becomes an issue when rooting for your team means you are rooting against mine.

Few people juggle where they came from and where they are now more expertly than Joe Calgaro, the new program director at WHQG-FM (102.9).

Calgaro, former program director at WAPL-FM in Appleton, is a Chicago native and a Bears fan. But he is also public address announcer for the Green Bay Packers. You hear his voice at Lambeau Field during timeouts - "It's time for the Miller Lite golden ticket" - he interacts with fans at halftime, hosts Packer Plinko and the "Roll Out the Barrel" singalong.  read full story here

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