Monday, September 10, 2012

PA Announcer on Twitter - UPDATE

It's always fun to see what a "pa announcer" search returns on Twitter - all tweets used without permission of the Tweeter:

It's only game 1 of the NBA season and already the Miami PAannouncer is getting on my nerves. 

You can hear the Miami's PA announcer even when watching the game on mute.

PA announcer: "And that's another Jets......" Fans: Silence

The Giants have a woman PA announcer? Pretty cool how they rigged up a mic in the kitchen.

PA announcer bumping Miley Cyrus at halftime...that's an oh-no-no

The public address announcer has an annoying voice

Before announcing Texas A&M lineups, Jordan-Hare Stadium public address announcer Rick Smith welcomed the Aggies to the SEC. Nice gesture.

Respecting A-Rod's Feelings: Joe Girardi made a special request to the public-address announcer at Yankee Stadiu... 

AT&T Park has a female public address announcer. How many major sports league venues can say the same? 

A woman public address announcer? What is this 2050?

Listening to the ' bilingual public address announcer is so entertaining

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