Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boston Red Sox reportedly set to offer $50 per game fee for new PA Announcer

below is a comment from a recent applicant for the open Red Sox PA Announcer position:

Hi all,  Just back from Boston and the PA tryouts, along with hundreds of others that were by invitation only tonight.  We arrived, were given a number at registration. a script, a sign in form for the interview and then proceeded to the medidining room.  There you waited your turn for a short interview and then take your turn reading the script before the microphone high above Fenway Park.  The lights were off unfortunately, so couldn't see a thing. I went for the experience and to announce at Fenway Park, as I'm sure others did and will do again on Saturday.  The shocking thing for me was what they are paying, which is $50.00 a game-that's barely above high school pay and in some cases less than what I've made doing high school.  I knew it wasn't much, but $50.00?  Really?  Good luck to any others who tried out tonight or plan to Saturday.  Oh-Did get to Meet Owners Larry Lucchino and Dr. Steinberg who came through briefly.


Eric Goode said...

I tried out Wednesday night. Just an epic experience. As someone with the voice but no experience since high school, the tryout alone was a dream come true. My voice, reverberating around Fenway Park. As i said, epic.

Impossible Dreams said...

I also tried out on Wednesday night. I was one of the few--if not the only--women there at the invitational audition. As Eric said, it was a dream come true. I did a game as part of the "guest in the chair" approach that the Red Sox used last summer. It was indeed the thrill of a lifetime for me as a diehard Red Sox fan since 1956. I will never forget that game or the audition from Wednesday night. It was great to meet a lot of terrific people who shared my interests. Never in my wildest imagination in the 1960s would I ever have thought I'd get into that booth. What an amazing experience!