Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WTSP TV Feature - Do My Job: The PA voice of the Tampa Bay Rays

You hear them at just about every sports venue...from Pop Warner football games to NFL games the loud, booming voice isn't comingfrom your head, but from the Public Address Announcer.  A job where you get into the games for free and basically just read names andmake announcements...easy right?  In this weeks' Do My Job, I found out that NO, it's not as easy as you think. 

Greg Kalil shows up about two hours before a game, meets with the production team, makes sure he gets the rosters of both teams, makes sure he has the pronunciations down, reads over his script filled with sponsor mentions and other names involved in the game...and after all of that, has a little time to grab some food.  
After two successful auditions, this employee of Humana (by day), will begin his fourth season as the Ray's PA Announcer.  It's a job he knows is pretty exclusive, with just 30 other PA Announcers performing the same duties in major league baseball.

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