Friday, July 12, 2013

Frank Crowell, former Vanderbilt public address announcer, dies at 71

Former Vanderbilt athletics public address announcer Frank Crowell, 71, died on Tuesday.

Crowell’s voice was heard at Commodores football and basketball games from 1981-2003.

He was best known for his signature delivery of the line “Show your gold,” which encouraged Vanderbilt fans to shake gold-colored pompoms that were distributed at the events.

“He was part of the infrastructure at Vanderbilt for many, many years,” Vanderbilt director of communications Rod Williamson said. “He brought a good deal of pleasure and excitement to a lot of Vanderbilt fans for a long time and was a class act the whole way through.

“He took the job very seriously, and it showed in his craft.”  read here

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