Thursday, November 14, 2013

New ISU PA Announcer Takes Over Behind the Mic

NORMAL - For nearly four decades, Steve Adams’ voice rang out across Redbird Arena. After years of working on the radio and in professional sports, J.D. Justice's voice will become synonymous with ISU basketball. 

"I'm sure that they will miss him. When you're used to something for so many years and somebody else steps in there, it's different," said Justice.

The first home game of the year has Justice getting ready to take the microphone here for the first time.

"The guy did a tremendous job as the PA announcer and basically I have to make my own way as the PA announcer here and to say that I don't have butterflies is a lie," said Justice. 

Replacing a man like Adams, certainly wasn't an easy task for marketing director L.B. Nagle. ISU searched far and wide, using social media and auditions before picking Justice. read more

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