Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Personal: Mike Cation, Champaign, IL PA Announcer

What sports do you announce and what approach do you take to each one?

I announce soccer, men's basketball, baseball and men's and women's tennis. I don't know that I approach them much differently, to be honest. The only difference from basketball to the others is the number of people who are hearing you. The student-athletes involved put forth the same effort, and I think it's my duty to do the same.  

I do my homework beforehand in terms of printing out my version of their roster, with pronunciations. I show up 60 to 90 minutes before the event begins, and I try to remember that I'm representing the UI. I hope that people hearing me think I do a job that is energetic, professional and enjoyable. I love being a part of Illinois athletics, and I think it is an honor to be associated with these programs.

read the full interview/article by Melissa Merli  News-Gazette

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