Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lane Grindle admirably makes most of new P.A. job at Nebraska

Jordan Westerkamp, with the help of one Tommy Armstrong crushing block taking out three BYU defenders, had finally crossed the goal line to finish a rather unconventional, unexpected touchdown.

Lane Grindle then pressed the button that opened his microphone to the ears of nearly 90,000 fans at Memorial Stadium.

At that second, the Huskers’ rookie public-address announcer still had no idea how he’d describe Nebraska’s first touchdown of the 2015 season.    

So he uttered the words that came naturally.

“That’s a Big Red touchdown!”

He stuck with that touchdown call, too.

"I had a lot of people ask me last week about that," Grindle said, "and I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ And if I don’t just know, I’m going to let it come to me.”

That probably hovered near the bottom of Grindle’s list of concerns and priorities entering his first game as NU's P.A. announcer.

Especially since he didn’t know he’d be serving that role until the Tuesday before Nebraska’s first game.

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