Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outgoing Portage public address announcer Joel Caulum reflects on 25 years on the job

Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnn Daynnnnne!
Fans of the University of Wisconsin’s football team no doubt recall hearing Camp Randall Stadium public address announcer Mike Mahnke say the Heisman Trophy winner’s name in that distinct way a time or two during the late 1990s.
But did you know, hearing Mahnke say Dayne’s name like that inspired Joel Caulum — the longtime public address announcer for Portage High School’s football games — to say a former Warriors’ player’s name in similar fashion?
Or do you want to hear some horror stories about what it was like in the press box — or “plywood shack,” as Caulum calls it — at old Veteran’s Memorial Field.
Then keep reading — Caulum, who’s also a math and computer science teacher at the high school, took some time after calling his last game for the Warriors on Friday night to reflect on his tenure, which began in 1986.  read full story here

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