Thursday, May 16, 2013

PA Announcer brings smiles to Miracle League play

It doesn't take much to get a smile out of someone on the Miracle League field.
The league has been making baseball dreams come true for players with special needs, especially when Steven Mongno takes his seat behind the mic.
"He's a little corny. He's a little quirky. The kids love him," said Steven's mother Elaine Mongno.
Steven is a a senior at Green Hope High School and is enjoying his third season as the Miracle League's favorite public address announcer.
"The Miracle League had just lost an announcer to college so I decided, I am loud and obnoxious enough, I might as well try it out," said Steven.
"It was just natural. He loves the reaction he gets from them," said Elaine.
"A lot of times they will stop and think they need to stop, and I'll say he's moving to third base and they will start going," Steven said. read more

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