Saturday, January 10, 2015

The man behind the Mic - TCU fans can instantly associate his voice with TCU Athletics

He’s been a mainstay at TCU baseball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball games since 2004, when the Horned Frogs were a part of the Conference USA.

TCU fans can instantly associate his voice with TCU Athletics. 

In the midst of the ever-changing landscape of TCU Athletics, one thing hasn’t changed over the last 10 years: TCU public address announcer Jeff Smith. 

Smith said the expectations of his job have slightly changed since 2004.

In a span of 10 years, the Frogs have hopped from the Conference USA, to the Mountain West, to a short-lived stint in the Big East and then to where they are today, the Big 12.

“The job is a little bit more serious than it used to be," Smith said. "Back when I started in ’04, you could maybe get away with a little more, fly by the seat of your pants a little bit, but it’s become much more structured with TCU becoming a nationally recognized school and moving to the Big 12."

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