Saturday, February 18, 2012

End of Oxnard basketball will silence announcer

Kevin Natale announces the women's basketball game at Oxnard College. Natale got shot at a young age and now is paraplegic. For Natale announcing the games makes him feel part of something he loved.

Thanksgiving weekend is one of Kevin Natale's favorite times of the year, but not because of turkey or stuffing.It's the extra helping of basketball that the Oxnard College men's basketball team's serves up with its annual holiday tournament. "It's probably one of the most exciting times for me," said Natale. "When basketball season starts coming around and the Condor Classic arrives, I get really excited."  Natale, 32, has been confined to a wheelchair since he was paralyzed by an intruder's bullet when he was 14 years old. His story was told in a 2009 documentary called "Thy Will Be Done." A fervent sports fan, his relationship with the games, along with so much else, was forever altered that day in 1994.  But he has stayed active in sports as the public address announcer at Condor Center for Oxnard College basketball. read the full story here

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