Saturday, February 18, 2012

PA Announcer for BYU Men’s Basketball Just Along for the Great Ride

Trace Eddington says the hair on his arms stands up during games at the Marriott Center

Resounding through the Marriott Center during the BYU men’s basketball games is a voice that gives the play-by-play, announces the starting lineup with passion and intensity and energizes the already hyped-up crowd.
But Trace Eddington is not one to take any glory for being the PA announcer at the games. In fact, he is just excited and honored to be able to watch great basketball and silently cheer on his favorite team.
“I’ve been doing it every year since 1998,” Eddington said. “In 14 years, I think I’ve only missed five or six games. I don’t think I missed a single home game in Jimmer’s career. I’ve seen a lot of great basketball.”
Eddington’s PA career started in the spring of 1998, when he saw BYU was hiring a PA announcer for both football and basketball, and decided to show up at the Marriott Center to audition. When the employers called him back to have a longer audition, he competed for the football announcer’s job against Kelly Newbold, but was instead given the basketball announcer’s position.  read the full story here

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