Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet Gene Honda, White Sox and Blackhawks Public Address Announcer

He's the stadium voice of the White Sox and the Blackhawks. Meet Gene Honda, the man behind those golden pipes. A lot of fans are surprised when they find out the voice belongs to: Gene Honda, a Japanese American.
In a career that started with radio while a student at the University of Illinois, Honda has encountered all kinds of reactions. People never say, "Oh, you don't speak English with an accent!" "It's what they don't say," Honda said. "It's in their eyes...They nod. They stare a lot."
Honda credits his father, a second generation Japanese American, for setting him on his path.
"His advice, no matter what field you go into, if you can speak in public , it'll make you better at your profession," said Honda. Little did his family guess that becoming the stadium voice of two Chicago pro sports teams would become Honda's profession. read full story here


Tom Slater said...

I work with Gene every year at the Maui Invitational. A fun guy with a great sense of humor -- Gene is the consumate professional PA announcer. Tom Slater, Raleigh NC

Jim Do said...

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