Friday, May 11, 2012

Red Sox pay tribute to late Public Address Announcer Carl Beane

Richard Tucker, a member of our PA Announcer Group on Yahoo! describes what happened at Fenway Park Thursday night...

"Joe Castiglione the Sox radio play by play held a brief ceremony in which they played snippets of Carl Beane at the 2003 and 2007 World Series as well as this years 100th celebration of Fenway Park. Then they used an old introduction of him welcoming everyone to the game between the Indians and Sox.  That was followed by a moment of silence and national anthem.  In his honor no one did the PA tonight.  I will assume at a proper time they will fill the position. Have not heard of who may do it on an interim basis.  I assume someone will be starting tomorrow night.  It was well done and well deserved.  Too bad many PA announcers are taken for granted and most people don't   even know the name until like in this case its too late. RIP Carl Beane you will be missed!"

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