Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jeff Zimmerman, new PA Voice of The Schaumburg Boomers

Hello Kevin.

First off I'd like to thank you for your efforts on behalf of PA announcers everywhere and the industry itself. We're a unique breed of voice talent, often bluring the line between journalism and entertainment. I recently discovered your site in an effort to become better acquainted with others who have embraced the role and put their talents to work on behalf of professional sports teams.

Though I've spent a majority of my career on TV and Radio and in the voiceover profession, I've enjoyed some success working my way into the PA business recently. The Cubs thought enough of my YouTube audition in March of 2011 to consider me as a semifinalist in their nationwide "dream job" search. Nearly 8,500 views later, and despite the disappointment of losing out, I still regard the competition as one of the most amazing experiences ever. In April of this year, by accident I stumbled across a similar contest being conducted by the Frontier League Schaumburg Boomers. I'm grateful to the organization for selecting me for the position from a talented group of finalists. It's my first taste of Minor League baseball and the experience of being part of the team has exceeded my expectations. 

Thanks again for sharing your voice. It's giving ours some much appreciated recognition.

Jeff Zimmerman
Public Address Announcer
Schaumburg Boomers

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