Friday, January 4, 2013

Dan Roberts 33 years later, the voice of the Jazz keeps rolling along

Dan Roberts has been at the PA microphone for Utah since ‘79 — club’s first year in SLC

Millions of Jazz fans have heard Roberts over the last 331/2 years, beginning in 1979.

Not sure of the exact number, Roberts estimates he has worked at least 1,600 home games, including the preseason, regular season and playoffs.

"Dan’s got that voice — the deep, very mellow voice," said Grant Harrison, the Jazz’s vice president of game operations. "... It’s not too harsh yet bold enough so he can be heard. He’s got that golden voice that not too many people have."

Roberts downplays the notion that he employs a particular style behind the mic — "I just try to communicate with the fans" — but his trademark is known throughout the league.

Once or twice during every game, Roberts will encourage the crowd to make noise by asking, "How ’bout this Jazz?’ "

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