Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blazers PA Announcer Mark Mason Loved Rose Garden's Booing Of Knicks G Raymond Felton

The interview is full of tidbits that will interest you if you're a PA Announcer or you attend games in person at the Rose Garden.
"I learned the hard way that you don't insult the other [team's] players. You don't talk them up and you don't talk them down. I always do their introductions straight and you do it respectfully."
"If the crowd boos, that's great, let them get into it. I love it when the crowd gets into the game during introductions. They boo, like Raymond Felton the other night. People were thinking that was beneath Portland. I thought, this is awesome. They didn't let go of him, through four quarters. I've never seen that. Talk about things you've never seen. Wow, that's just fantastic. That means they were into it."
"You're respectful, if they make a basket, it's always low key. You just say their name. Kobe Bryant. That's it. You don't give them anything to go on. Because these guys have egos. If you disrespect them, they will use that to motivate them."  read story or listen to podcast from here

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