Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bill Jensen: The Voice of the College World Series

PA announcer Bill Jensen begins his 13th CWS behind the microphone and he says he's having too much fun to stop any time soon.

Bill Jensen’s love affair with baseball probably started out just like yours or mine – somebody he loved took him to a game, and he was hooked.
The College World Series (CWS) PA announcer, who is entering his 13th year in that post, was influenced by his two "bachelor uncles," Eli and Frank, who took him to his first game at Omaha Municipal Stadium in 1952 or ’53, when he was six or seven years old.
In that era Omaha was an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, so his first baseball experience was an Omaha Cardinals game, and the stadium was still called Omaha Municipal Stadium. It wouldn’t become known as Rosenblatt Stadium until 1964.

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