Saturday, June 1, 2013

Penguins' new PA announcer is ready to create new memories

Ryan Mill was playing adult-league hockey one night during the summer of 2009 when one of his friends mentioned seeing an advertisement for the position of assistant Penguins PA announcer.
For so many reasons, it was an opportunity Mr. Mill felt he had to pursue. One, after 15 years in the radio business, he was working for himself out of a studio at his Cranberry home, so he had the freedom. Two, he had grown up a Penguins fan with his father, Bob, covering the team for the Beaver County Times from 1972 to '75. Three, he assumed he would get to meet and work closely with the great John Barbero.
"I only knew the name of one public address announcer in the entire city, whether it be Penguins, Pirates, Steelers," Mr. Mill says, "because it's an intimate setting. His voice was everywhere."
Mr. Mill applied for the position on The Penguins had learned that Barbero was fighting a brain tumor, but they hoped that he would return sometime that season. Best case, the new voice would be there to help him. Worst case, it would take over on a more permanent basis.

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