Sunday, January 4, 2015

High School Football: The P.A. Professional

When he was a student at Tulare Union, Harry Kargenian often barged into the counseling office to talk about Redskin athletics to anyone who would listen to him.

Kargenian found an ideal conversation partner in the late Art Williams, a legendary Tulare Union administrator and counselor.

Kargenian loved to bend Williams’ ear about the comings and goings of what was happening with the Tulare Union athletic department.

Williams would oblige Kargenian, until he had enough.

“Harry, get the hell out of here,” Kargenian said of how Williams often ended their frequent talks.

Williams valued Kargenian’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and his communication skills, though.

So Williams found the perfect forum for Kargenian to talk sports in front of a captive audience — he made Kargenian, then a high school senior, the public address announcer of Tulare Union football in 1971.

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swvalley said...

I understand not being a "homer," but not announcing how many points are scored seems pretty ridiculous. Many times the fans will, um, inform the scoreboard operator that it was 2 points, when, in fact, the referee raised his arms indicating 3.

And not saying how many fouls a player has committed is insane. Will the 2015-16 version keep players in the game regardless of fouls, or make it illegal for a player to raise his hand and say, "Yeah, that was me"? I don't make a big deal about it, but I do give the name of the player who committed the foul, the number of personal fouls, and the number of team fouls.

It's education based, I'm a teacher, I understand that. Part of education is preparing you for the real world, and if you commit a foul, you have to take responsibility.