Thursday, March 26, 2015

Warriors PA announcer Hurwitz prefers to be heard, not seen

On Thursday, with the Phoenix Suns in town, Matthew Hurwitz will call his 616th game as the Warriors’ public-address announcer. If you’re not terribly familiar with him, good — that’s just how he likes it.

The NBA is full of screamers at the PA mike, barging into the on-court action with “Dee-fense!” or other appalling exhortations. Raging along unchecked, they can’t stay out of their own way. Hurwitz, 44, prefers a classier route.  

“My most important rule is not to draw attention to myself,” said Hurwitz, not to be confused with Franco Finn, the cheerleader type who pumps up the crowd before games. “People aren’t paying to see or hear me. I’ve never even said my name, as in 'Good evening, I’m …’ I just don’t feel comfortable being some sort of personality. And I never try to tell the crowd how to react. Our crowds our smart; they get that.”

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