Thursday, June 7, 2012

Schaumburg Boomers new PA Announcer is Jeff Zimmerman

I contacted Andy Viano, the President of the Boomers and asked who they selected as their new PA Announcer, here's his response:

Kevin –

I’m happy to help, thanks for your interest!  Our PA announcer is Jeff Zimmerman and we’re thrilled with him.  He’s a consummate professional who’s got just the right amount of subtle wit that he’s perfect for the job.  He and our on-field MC, Michael Piff, have worked extremely well together.

I can also tell you the finalists for the position were Jeff Zimmerman, Simon Tehle and Jason Sveda, and the 10 semi-finalists can be found here:
Andy Viano
President/General Manager
Schaumburg Boomers

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