Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Partially blind Salem Sox announcer headed to Boston

If you have been to a Salem Red Sox game, you have certainly heard his voice. Travis Jenkins is the public address announcer for the team. Next week, he'll have the opportunity of a lifetime as he travels to Fenway Park to sit in as the big league Sox announcer. He has a day job, but his second job as the PA announcer at Lewis Gale Field for the past 3 years, is more of a passion.
Jenkins has had challenges while doing this job, because he is legally blind. "I have Stargardt Disease, which is a juvenile for of macular degeneration. I lose all definition and clarity. I have a little bit of color blindness. I also have a blind spot in the central part of my vision. I can see players on the field, but I can't read their numbers. That's a good way to describe it. I can see players, but I can't tell who they are. I can definitely feel off the crowd. Since I know baseball so well, I can tell what's going on. Having someone in the booth to help me, that helps a whole lot," said Jenkins.  read the full story here   watch video below

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