Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Art of the Swimming PA Announcer

By Andrew Ross, Swimming World College Intern

The public address announcer can be the most important person at a swim meet. He or she is in charge and controls the pace of the meet and is the one who can make a swim meet exciting or boring. But after watching and attending many swim meets in my time, I have noticed that a lot of PA Announcers fall on the boring side. 

Too many times I hear people say swimming is “a boring sport,” that “nobody cares” and “it’s not exciting to watch.” I am an aspiring PA announcer myself and over the last few years, part of my motivation as an announcer is to show people that swimming can be exciting. PA announcing is an art and it can be hard to master it, but there are people who have mastered that art.     read full story here

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